We Guarantee the best rate on all our vacation rentals
If you are looking for a villa or an apartment for your holiday, you are in good hands with ZenBreak. we guarantee the best rate on all our vacation rentals ZenBreak will beat any other price advertised on the web for the same property. And this is only one of the perks of doing business with us. Reserve a villa with us and enjoy:
  1. Best Price Guarantee.
  2. Our Digital Concierge app Where you can book ahead all the activities you are dreaming to do during your holidays.
  3. Do you prefer human contact? No problem, We offer a concierge service to help you make your holiday truly unforgettable.
Featured Properties
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ZenBreak-Silver Sands Beach Villa One
ZenBreak-El Sol Sureno 9
Having travelled much in the past, we found that although staying at a hotel is lovely, there are plenty of things missing.
  • The benefit of having your very own private kitchen where you can save money by cooking meals, and having a living room where you can enjoy a quiet night in with the family or a group of friends is priceless.
  • Each of our unique vacation rentals have been personally appraised, and then rigorously tried and tested by our experienced ZenBreak team to ensure we have only the finest accommodation on offer.
  • Each property is curated to the highest standards. Having experienced living in both Barbados and France first hand, it’s safe to say that we know our locations inside out giving you the benefit of our local knowledge.
Let us introduce you to our tropical island villa rentals in Barbados, as well as our classical countryside
Your Holiday Starts Here
Choosing your holiday rental property with ZenBreak couldn’t be simpler. Our search system will ensure you find the perfect property.
We will help arrange your travel to and from the airport or station to your ZenBreak property. Removing the stress from your journey.
You will be met at your holiday rental property to be shown around your new home. All you need to do is relax!
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