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Vacation Real Estate in Barbados

Popular Parishes

These beautiful homes are in the most popular Parishes for persons looking to purchase Vacation Rental Real Estate properties.

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St. James

image of Vacation Real at St. Peter

St. Peter

image of Vacation Real at Christ Church

Christ Church

image of Vacation Real at St. Philip

St. Philip

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Trusted Partners

We work with leading partners with decades of experience in the industry

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Curated Properties

The finest selection of Vacation Real Estate properties to choose from

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Bespoke Service

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image of Apes Hill Golf & Beach

Apes Hill – Golf & Beach Club

image of Royal Westmoreland

Royal Westmoreland

image of beach view villas & suites

Beach View – Villas & Suites

image of the crane private residence

The Crane – Private Residence 

image of O2 beach club and spa

O2 Beach Club & Spa

image of sands condo hotel

The Sands – Condo Hotel