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Rent Your Property with ZenBreak

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Renting your property with ZenBreak

Our decades of experience from working in the hospitality industry has enabled and given us the knowledge to deliver responsive and professional service to property owners.   

Marketing your property

We showcase your investment by creating listings on the top trending platforms & industry partners as well as on  Our social media presence also helps us to get direct inquiries.

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Owner Portal

Your own dedicated access with secure login to view your bookings, guest requests, statistics, revenue forecast & monthly reports. Check out the owner portal here.

Guest Portal

Guests have access to a mobile friendly page.  They can browse property specific information such as directions, rental agreement, wifi, how to operate eg:  dishwasher etc.  Contact us via instant messaging & plan their trip using the Concierge activities.

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Dynamic pricing

Our partnership with Wheelhouse enables us to build the right strategy to maximise revenue.  Our rates are automatically updated revery 24 hours based on the local demand.

Smart home Integration

Contactless & secure check-in using automated locks with unique codes
Privacy-safe noise monitoring
Energy saving Ambiance & Welcome lightingSmoke & Water leak Detectors

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