image of Sea Turtles Of Barbados

Sea Turtles Of Barbados – Enjoy & Protect Them!

April 9, 2019

Barbados is turtley-awesome! 

Home to nearly 500 nesting female Hawksbill Turtles that come up on to the beaches of the West and South coasts to nest during June-September. You will see the turtles swimming all year round and there is a near 100% certainty that on a boat cruise or diving trip you will get to experience the serene sea turtles up close. 


The Barbados Sea Turtle Project was set up to protect these amazing endangered creatures and restore population numbers. Turtles often lay their eggs on the tourist beaches lined with hotels and restaurants. This poses great opportunities for visitors to Barbados to witness a truly unique and natural experience, one they certainly won’t forget.

Unfortunately the bright lights of the hotels can disorientate the tiny turtle hatchlings, meaning when they hatch at night time they can’t find their way down to the water and are likely not to survive. 

There are many risks to the precious turtle eggs, so it is important for everyone to report any nesting or hatching sightings to The Barbados Sea Turtle Project on their 24 hour ‘Sea Turtle Hotline’ (246) 230-0142.

Which beaches?

Swimming with the turtles is a must do for all visitors to Barbados, the West Coast offers the highest chance of seeing these majestic creatures. You are highly likely to spot the turtles in the shallows from Paynes Bay up to Lonestar. It’s not unusual to see the turtles close to the shore line along this stretch of coast, you don’t even have to swim out. For the best experience, grab your goggles or a snorkel and mask and observe the turtles under water in their natural play ground.

Boat trips

There are a plethora of different catamaran day trips that offer swimming with turtles, from luxury charters to party boats and dive boats too. There’s a perfect boat cruise for everyone, take a look here . Be sure not to touch or crowd the turtles, swimming with them is a real honour. 

Clean up

Remember not to leave your trash on the beach at the end of the day and be careful on board a boat not to let items fly off into the ocean. Items like drink straws and plastic bags can kill sea turtles!