Top 5 Fine Dining Spots in Barbados

Top 5 Fine Dining Spots in Barbados

April 9, 2019

Barbados is a relaxed island, things move slow and it’s great to chill out and eat in a beach bar with the sand in between your toes. Most visitors to the island want at least one evening where they can spruce themselves up for a more refined dining experience at one of the island’s incredible fine dining restaurants. 

For such a small island, Barbados really packs a punch when it comes to top class dining experiences. We thought we’d save you the trouble of researching where to go by compiling our list of the top 5 fine dining restaurants in Barbados.

In no particular order, all are equally delicious…

The Cliff 

The ambience here is hard to beat. Flaming torches deliver a soft glow and the crystal clear waters below the restaurant are lit allowing an amazing natural show of rays and huge fish as you dine. Enjoy a cocktail or glass of champagne upstairs before you head to your table, the bar men here are very talented! You will be blown away by the quality of the food, service and setting. Top Tip – Book in advance. 

L’Acajou at Sandy Lane

The most luxurious hotel in the Caribbean opens it’s doors to non residents, allowing them to experience the delectable delight that is L’Acajou. Crisp white table cloths and the full Sandy Lane 5 star service accompany a Mediterranean inspired menu. The restaurant is up on the first floor of the hotel but is open on all sides so you benefit from the breeze, views and the sounds of the tree frogs! Top Tip – The chocolate souffle is a real show stopper.

Cin Cin

Dine overlooking the ocean in what we think is one of the coolest restaurants on the island. Modern design combined with innovative interiors make this place a real visual delight. However, the food of course is the real reason you’re visiting Cin Cin. Mediterranean with a Caribbean twist, what a great combination! There’s a glass walled air conditioned section inside should you find the midday heat a bit too much. In the evening you must sit outside so you can feel the breeze and listen to the waves. Top Tip – Arrive early for a drink at the bar, there’s a real ambience and live music on certain evenings. 


Dubbed ‘The Ivy’ of the Caribbean by Michael Winner. There’s a casual yet classy vibe at Lonestar, kids can play on the beach in front of the restaurant whilst mum and dad enjoy a crisp glass of rose! The lunch menu is simple but spot on, salads, pizzas, pittas and sandwiches etc. The evening menu is more refined and the restaurant takes on a more grown up feel when the sun goes down. Top Tip – Lonestar also makes a fabulous breakfast spot. 

Fusion Rooftop

A glass lift from the ground floor of Lime Grove shopping centre takes you up to this Asian inspired rooftop haven. If you love sushi, this is your place. Don’t worry if sashimi and california rolls aren’t your thing, there is a varied and impressive regular menu too. You get a real sense of nature’s elements as you dine, there’s a green living wall, flaming fire pits, trickling water ponds and of course the trade winds that breeze through. Top Tip – For the real sushi experience take a seat at the sushi bar and watch the chefs in action.